Progress WoW Gold away From the Main Tumult

14. října 2011 v 7:26 | cherry

I take the run in front, he suddenly typing said WoW Gold: "see. We are from the front that cliff, and then takes off..." , see I have jumped down and O, my goodness, I do, feather fall right, off the horse...... Drink medicine now, how is a feather fall effect? Khan ah. Finally see I bodies from the peak fall down on, fell on the cost of the wood was polluted land. "You really fierce," he said, "can't you remind me earlier, o harm I didn't jump to black coast." I complained, "I tell you in advance is that you can't fly..." He concludes with to say to me. Alas!!!!!

Although tossed a afternoon, I never did get a piece of equipment, a little honor also don't get, but, this is me into the world, the most happy WOW the most leisure, enjoy a day, this day, I am away from the battlefield killing, away from the copy of the progress, away from the main tumult; Is this a day, I experience the world of other WOW mood, the friend of the company, and pleasant journey, happy laughing, interesting story, and my wonderful "performance". Ha ha!!!!!

After that, we return to Olympic city, "I ah, have the time I come to see you again, if you have no matter also to me the F looking for me to play." He said. "Good, treasure, my friends, I wish you a happy every day!" Every time and I say goodbye to my friends in the network is always very solemnly said conventional remarks, although very common, but is really the heart of blessing. But he never come to broken hill... But, when I walk in the vibrant DuLong tal, ride horses galloping on the searing canyon, flight in the turmoil of hellfire peninsula, my heart will always pass the a wisp of red and blazing WOW I passed in the world every inch of the land, I leave every story, when I have a day of world of warcraft, oh! Yes, I played the game, there is my footprint.

Thanks to my happiness, WOW Gold that I can know so many friends, now I AFK for nearly a year, really miss that time, and to this article, the story of my mood of the world of warcraft, to commemorate the red track and that happy time!!!!!

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