Into WoW Gold is Ok When I Fight Blood Boiling

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Not long before TBC open, and the and I fell RS Gold. In order to LianJi fast, I return to the FS way, and successfully got the S3 shoulder, is established in the UT thank you all, they knew that I was a woman... And I the operation, I surprised very tricky. Why girls can't play of good? Well... Just change the subject to the mage said.

3.0 FWQ also began to open the new will have mushroomed SW of more up friends, I would be fewer T once again the idle for a long time, when the small ZS is already 70 level but is still level 60 on the JP goods... Crow.. Kings do task has been no; for a few days. The research in the war of hatred, equipment, and each BOSS collocation, the main points of group G + friends and relatives of the mix together lunch is small bust T6.

Into the BT is ok, when I fight blood boiling, said: MM? MM still can when T? Everyone slowly play after 5 seconds. Because at that time equipment output bad blood magic and a few T together, each to 5 rob hatred of T stop the rest of the T strong hatred, but when I layer 4 stop until the 30 + is about to 40 time vociferously that allow you to 5 seconds I hate T in rob didn't speak.

Although for a long time members are always say a woman fight BOSS still can't play, no security. I didn't explain what, now when I hands SM will work when YY, every time G, RL always group said OT have allowance, although it is just a thing to you greatly small things, but for me, it is a kind of trust, is a responsibility. I have had because of the very good, be glory. But joy a week of feeling.

I said so how and is not to want to play WOW Gold I have much good, the more high-end, actually PVP my whole T6 output dozen however friends level 69 battlefield 74. I just want to small to girls said, we are not stupid, we are not inferior to others, the game than reality is more reality, whether we work hard? If there is an independent, self-esteem, strong heart? In fact have pay will have return, although the cost, although some more hard, but we can do as good, don't say because I am a MM.

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