Come Back Camels and Started Thinking Higher Goals to Play MapleStory Mesos

10. října 2011 v 9:36 | Highe

So I just a week with and without playing MapleStory Mesos, just wait until he comes back. Can't say no to play, he created the first set aside her hunter, start to play a pastor, very beautiful, and every day I human MM at scenery line, and not to play blame do task to upgrade. So, etc, we just after come back camels and started thinking higher goals to play. Later, once drinking camels and we said, in fact, he decided that her brother and I do, which is because that I committed and didn't abandon him, but waited for him for a week to start playing with their, make him think we are reliable.

That time, we were together in the western wilderness do task, until we have all around 15 levels of time, suddenly heard a call death copy of the mine, also don't know what is the copy, is the very naive group party within three quaff killed the in, and stuck in the first BOSS, is that with two will shoot the younger brother of the ogre. 3 15 levels of small P hai, each time it is to hit a thief to add her camel blood added to empty blue, I with two fireball BOSS sure to seek me trouble, because of camels, not hatred at waste knight.

Later, we from the western wilderness, down to bare mountain ridge, and then kill went to the forest, and then the dusk, then the wetland is arathi highlands, then is the valley of thorns, and then hillsbrad foothills, then tower, and then is NaLiSi case, and then things los ringed mountain plague, and then we would all 60

The first by a guild, name is alarming to the storm, name hate is loud, so we quaff with the in. But found it means nothing, full of every level in research how to cultivated, feel they say something that is far away from us.

Then, NiaoPen introduced us to the council, and he's gone, there is to ally, is not about some very boring. Perhaps is from that time began, WOW in my eyes is not a game but a charge chat tools.

The guild often organization activities, occasionally to call WOW Gold, but I really have no interest, I said I was casual players. I'm no hate for equipment and desire. Later, were in that influenced me the most guild, shadow, the President on understanding, understanding fun JD aslan, know the guangdong cool male tuen the star, also understanding and hubei help purple Lin son, and my senior high school time, KK sit at the same table. In shadow months, we a few friends of ningxia help, also became the backbone of the council.

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