Tera Gold in Resistance to the Darkness is Art with Respect

20. září 2011 v 2:53 | Tera Gold
The north of the plague years of Lordaeron noble group of Tera Gold. They Think That if They tell people, the inevitable confusion, if not, maybe Will it pull through this off. Stupid nobles conceal the news. But They do not know, and dark voice calling to the real power of great heroes. Trapped In The Frozen Throne's resistance that Mr Fathers, with strong HIS voice calls on the struggling kelthuzad. And from this kelthuzad voice myös appreciate the forces of darkness. His knowledge of the desire to drive HIM that follow the great strength of the mystery man. He decided to go to the north.

Lordaeron spring is warm and beautiful, But Would Rather then kelthuzad Have the snow cold Northrend. He sailed the Bay bypass, alone through this and even the drow Nichols Labradors the ruins of the empire. Here, the spider just war soon after Obama won the cruel resistance Fathers of victory. Kelthuzad saw the powerful force of resistance that Mr Fathers, When he the Established follow the darkness of the tutor determination.

Came to the ice palace built in, see not Have to Die zhi points of the crypt Fiends and hate, kelthuzad shock. He go to the Throne, and bowed before in resistance to the darkness with Mr Fathers of art with Respect, Washington talked a lot with him. Resistance is Mr. Dark Arts Fathers explain that years kelthuzad threw Himself in the dark Thoroughly mentor feet. He followed the resistance to the orders of the Fathers, and he was ready to go back to resistance and with God's Will Fathers that the sectarian worship "sectarian Curse."

In order the ensure the safety of the Tera Gold, a resistance that Mr Fathers sent Directly under the own The Herald Gere Mr. Davis's escort kelthuzad. Kelthuzad came back, But Not That before unsuccessfully Dalaran Mage Lonely, But The north the spokesman of the Scourge. He returned it Lordaeron, all selling house, with Their Own Influence and power set up "The Curse sectarian" and Will ITS rapid expansion. But the thesis caused Lordaeron noble's attention, and They sent the Knights of the Silver Hand's Curse of sectarian encirclement. In a raid, kelthuzad Be's kingdom Lordaeron Prince Arthas Prince, and kill with what the Blood Offerings, kelthuzad know make HIS life in two with the only true friend and Prince Arthas.

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