Tera Gold Game and Magic Book are not Attack Speed Attribute Prop

23. září 2011 v 4:22 | chot

Actually speaking Tera Gold, the way stars and elves star often use weapons attributes have "cast speed", "attack speed", "magic the fatal blow", "magic hit", "magic by force", "PVP damage". This is also become the way star and elves star basic conditions of the best weapon. And in both weapons synthesis systems to join later players can through the orb and magic book strengthen produce more powerful weapons props.

Will the existing orb and magic book after the synthesis of could see a attack speed + display speed + PVP attribute value. However, at present, in the game and magic book is not the orb attack speed and PVP attribute prop. So there is a chance that the best abandoned to attack speed of the properties make synthesis attribute.

At the same time, in addition to a selection criteria are magical growth, magic, magic power hit the fatal blow three additional attribute synthetic production.

The game's most powerful orb is in PVP and magic book is the leader and within the combinatorial synthesis,) production. It is cast speed by 20% and attack rate by 19%, 11%, meet the PVP damage three conditions of synthesis production. Hero weapons

By force or magic spells Tera Gold, made the fatal blow magic properties is good, and magic empty tank also have 11-12, can say this is the magic word star and elves star is the best of the best way PVP weapons. But scouts and the mann, practical, the probability of weapon systems acquisition within is very low.

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