Every Day Tera Gold Come into the Auditorium

21. září 2011 v 4:50 | cher
Adventure, the same as the game with the sword, in my side in 3 years. 3 years, we also have a sad laughter, four people, every day seems to be together, even if not, use private contact.

One day, our cat to get married, the thing is I just know, online after all she and I are good sisters, she will get married I, of course, delighted cough up! Later, she and his husband come into the auditorium, we are all in the blessing with the couple, then I simply brush 3 the horn to wishes for them. After all is my cat get married, how could I not brush horn at it!

After they got married, snow and cat together siege I say: pig shout, you a haven't husband, go find a. Don't find, to have no one to cough up.

No one want to? On the spot, I heel they hurry up, they called me looking for, I don't find wide. And so, we have been over 12 PM. Is really a head two big!

The second day, the cat cat and his husband you thick thick, see me we so loving. I have a little jealous. So, I'm in the introduction of the others, also know a man: kids' day.

See his name will feel very cute, we each other's first Tera Gold is very good! Whenever we all have our adventure on time, can play strange monsters, do task. Every day wearing the ha! 25 J do task, accidental got sunflower treasure dian, pretty much. Do task, and had several teams waste gas of the sensitive and all the 10% volume, and sell them, and had a lot of money, and then you sell the sauna, some gloves and skateboard, money once rushed to more than 700, it's fun, too! Also spent 3.2 million bought a set of money. In fact at that time is money to buy some 2 million I do not know, ah, kui big.

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