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Tera Gold Game and Magic Book are not Attack Speed Attribute Prop

23. září 2011 v 4:22 | chot

Actually speaking Tera Gold, the way stars and elves star often use weapons attributes have "cast speed", "attack speed", "magic the fatal blow", "magic hit", "magic by force", "PVP damage". This is also become the way star and elves star basic conditions of the best weapon. And in both weapons synthesis systems to join later players can through the orb and magic book strengthen produce more powerful weapons props.

Will the existing orb and magic book after the synthesis of could see a attack speed + display speed + PVP attribute value. However, at present, in the game and magic book is not the orb attack speed and PVP attribute prop. So there is a chance that the best abandoned to attack speed of the properties make synthesis attribute.

At the same time, in addition to a selection criteria are magical growth, magic, magic power hit the fatal blow three additional attribute synthetic production.

The game's most powerful orb is in PVP and magic book is the leader and within the combinatorial synthesis,) production. It is cast speed by 20% and attack rate by 19%, 11%, meet the PVP damage three conditions of synthesis production. Hero weapons

By force or magic spells Tera Gold, made the fatal blow magic properties is good, and magic empty tank also have 11-12, can say this is the magic word star and elves star is the best of the best way PVP weapons. But scouts and the mann, practical, the probability of weapon systems acquisition within is very low.

Every Day Tera Gold Come into the Auditorium

21. září 2011 v 4:50 | cher
Adventure, the same as the game with the sword, in my side in 3 years. 3 years, we also have a sad laughter, four people, every day seems to be together, even if not, use private contact.

One day, our cat to get married, the thing is I just know, online after all she and I are good sisters, she will get married I, of course, delighted cough up! Later, she and his husband come into the auditorium, we are all in the blessing with the couple, then I simply brush 3 the horn to wishes for them. After all is my cat get married, how could I not brush horn at it!

After they got married, snow and cat together siege I say: pig shout, you a haven't husband, go find a. Don't find, to have no one to cough up.

No one want to? On the spot, I heel they hurry up, they called me looking for, I don't find wide. And so, we have been over 12 PM. Is really a head two big!

The second day, the cat cat and his husband you thick thick, see me we so loving. I have a little jealous. So, I'm in the introduction of the others, also know a man: kids' day.

See his name will feel very cute, we each other's first Tera Gold is very good! Whenever we all have our adventure on time, can play strange monsters, do task. Every day wearing the ha! 25 J do task, accidental got sunflower treasure dian, pretty much. Do task, and had several teams waste gas of the sensitive and all the 10% volume, and sell them, and had a lot of money, and then you sell the sauna, some gloves and skateboard, money once rushed to more than 700, it's fun, too! Also spent 3.2 million bought a set of money. In fact at that time is money to buy some 2 million I do not know, ah, kui big.

Tera Gold in Resistance to the Darkness is Art with Respect

20. září 2011 v 2:53 | Tera Gold
The north of the plague years of Lordaeron noble group of Tera Gold. They Think That if They tell people, the inevitable confusion, if not, maybe Will it pull through this off. Stupid nobles conceal the news. But They do not know, and dark voice calling to the real power of great heroes. Trapped In The Frozen Throne's resistance that Mr Fathers, with strong HIS voice calls on the struggling kelthuzad. And from this kelthuzad voice myös appreciate the forces of darkness. His knowledge of the desire to drive HIM that follow the great strength of the mystery man. He decided to go to the north.

Lordaeron spring is warm and beautiful, But Would Rather then kelthuzad Have the snow cold Northrend. He sailed the Bay bypass, alone through this and even the drow Nichols Labradors the ruins of the empire. Here, the spider just war soon after Obama won the cruel resistance Fathers of victory. Kelthuzad saw the powerful force of resistance that Mr Fathers, When he the Established follow the darkness of the tutor determination.

Came to the ice palace built in, see not Have to Die zhi points of the crypt Fiends and hate, kelthuzad shock. He go to the Throne, and bowed before in resistance to the darkness with Mr Fathers of art with Respect, Washington talked a lot with him. Resistance is Mr. Dark Arts Fathers explain that years kelthuzad threw Himself in the dark Thoroughly mentor feet. He followed the resistance to the orders of the Fathers, and he was ready to go back to resistance and with God's Will Fathers that the sectarian worship "sectarian Curse."

In order the ensure the safety of the Tera Gold, a resistance that Mr Fathers sent Directly under the own The Herald Gere Mr. Davis's escort kelthuzad. Kelthuzad came back, But Not That before unsuccessfully Dalaran Mage Lonely, But The north the spokesman of the Scourge. He returned it Lordaeron, all selling house, with Their Own Influence and power set up "The Curse sectarian" and Will ITS rapid expansion. But the thesis caused Lordaeron noble's attention, and They sent the Knights of the Silver Hand's Curse of sectarian encirclement. In a raid, kelthuzad Be's kingdom Lordaeron Prince Arthas Prince, and kill with what the Blood Offerings, kelthuzad know make HIS life in two with the only true friend and Prince Arthas.

You Really Think not Seal Can Keep Online Tera Gold

19. září 2011 v 10:02 | apple

Acting in do? As long as Ken sealing even if is Tera Gold, 200000, Ken update server packet plug-in is not terrible, but so far see 9 C sincerity. You really think not seal can keep online number? WOW a acceleration, mountain climbing, blinking, I find him any unethical can play value, and the rest of the players, and the rest is just leave those who play kimchi garbage, why make such a great game destruction?

When my wizard was soldiers rogue arrogant to publicly open acceleration, and kill, kill can I still hope that some of what, I can't describe my mood, it is to give up a lot of things have been sad, after, I feel sorry for this agency, for the blizzard to feel sorry for plugin authors and users feel sad, for I felt funny.

Maybe this is China's WOW, this is China's players, this is an agent in China. This is the players like me sad. It was once I look forward to the game for three years, in order to it, I give up many things! When the game is no longer a balance, when the game attribute a mess, we can expect some?

Maybe soon the WOW, I really really destroyed left, turned to see I once tread down, I'll tears. Original all just dream. When I die, I will remember when once upon a time plugin destroyed all my life I have yearning that piece of pure land, when I close my eyes, for himself in this land growth was sorry.

On May 8, to late on May 9, the early Tera Gold of the morning. My human small pastor just practice full 20 level. In the west, west of the road waste for what the stonewall. Suddenly I heard someone shout the group inside channel under the mine death. I had never copy, see more people complain that the card, can't easily and strange and cooperation, and they were afraid to happen unpleasant things to depressed. But really want to see, because at that time so far have never seen blue equipment to the appearance of yourself.

So I should, he said they were in a coal mine at Tera Gold, but I don't know what the mine opening position before, I always thought that the west mountain cliff of the mouth is entrance (don't know is there's behind the export, the sweat I how total also to jump up, think you? Poor operation, so I said you set in stone to wait me, because I have been to before meeting stone. The results for half a day, only to find that exports still half a day to jump up, and didn't see half a figure. I said, you set me, so that I can see the map you of position.

Experienced the ordeal finally found the destination. He is a 18 levels of paladin, I am a level 20 priests. In the mine has a level 30 warriors, said "let us with him, he took us play, we finally combination is we three, add a level of the 24 mages and one each level 22 soldiers. This combination is very, very good, I feel very deep in the back.

The second danger is on the way back to the office, because the relative go more quickly, so bumps into the elite, and played more casual. The result is talking with several strange when we played, level 22 suddenly drops, monster soldiers immediately like mage, flapping mage by seconds. Moments End the fight, dropped to back. Even warrior I put the mage from the dead. I said, as long as I didn't die, they don't have to run road. Mage said, good.

They may never invite you to join their team, or refuse to let you in on to join their Tera Gold, or banned let you get from their members there service. This is a bad thing, so you must do our best to behave well, some more than a friend than many an enemy. Below are some recommended but not importune standards of behaviour, please check the game rules to understand the rules of must abide by.